About the Author

Anitha RobinsonWe asked the author of Broken Worlds, Anitha Robinson, to tell us a little bit about herself. We think her story is nearly as moving as Kalli’s:

It seems presumptuous, writing a bio. I find it hard to imagine that anyone would actually be interested in my life. But just in case, here goes…

I literally turned a nightmare into a dream on June 16th, 2013 when I received an email from CBAY Books that I’d won their publishing contest!

This unbelievable journey began about five years prior when I woke up one morning unable to shake off the chills from a nightmare. The horrible feeling of being chased and trapped by two men in an alley lingered on throughout the day.

That evening, with the nightmare still frighteningly fresh, I wrote about it. By the time I went to bed, I had the first few pages of what would become Broken Worlds.

The story took on its own life, but the seed that started it was the nightmare.

I have loved writing as far back as I can remember. All kinds of writing, poetry, short stories, even the dreaded essay assignment. So I’m extremely grateful that I get to make writing a part of my life.

I graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and then became a Chartered Accountant. I live in Ontario with my husband, who I’ve known since I was twelve, our two children, three dogs, two horses and a cat.

Thanks for reading.