Broken Worlds in Schools

Publishing her debut novel has been a dream come true for Anitha, and she is hoping to share this excitement with senior ENGLISH CLASS/WRITER’S CRAFT CLASS in the United States and Canada. Anitha would love to share her experience with students and show them that publication is possible.

The first fifty pages of a story are critical in grabbing the interest of the literary agent, publisher, and ultimately the reader. As such, CBaY Books and Anitha have made the first fifty pages of Broken Worlds available, along with a set of discussion questions.

Also, for any class interested, Anitha would be glad to Skype and answer any questions students may have about writing and getting published.

If you would like to participate, please register your class with us by using our contact form, and download the pdf version of the first fifty pages and the discussion guides. Also, each registered class will receive a single signed copy of Broken Worlds.


School Preview Discussion Questions